Smorty Being Spoken Here

There are differing opinions on the rights and wrongs of bloggers getting paid to offer information and opinions of advertisers’ products and services. Frankly, I see nothing at all wrong with companies that want to advertise on blogs. In fact, I see it as a total win situation; I learn and get paid, you learn and save time and money, and the advertiser is delighted with the extra exposure. That’s why I’m happy to say I’ve signed with and been accepted to write for Smorty.

Advertisers are in the business of selling and they have information they need for us to know before we can become intelligent buyers and we, as intelligent buyers, want that information. Blogs are natural information-dispensing media. What better marketing marriage, then, than blog advertising?

Smorty matches advertisers with bloggers and bloggers match advertisers with potential and informed clients. When I, or any blogger, can offer an honest opinion and link you to someone who can provide what you need, that’s more than getting paid to blog, that’s blogging and blog advertising at its best.