Freelance Folder: It’s Open For Business

In this town that always has room for one more great blog, we have just that: one more great blog. Last Sunday, July 22, Freelance Folder launched its maiden post. I’m not talking about it because I’m one of the contributing authors, it’s really a worthwhile addition to your RSS library.

What’s so special about Freelance Folder? It’s geared to be appealing to all creative business types. All of us who are writers, designers, or entrepreneurs will find something interesting. We bloggers, publishers, artists, and small business owners have a blog that caters to everything we might find necessary.

And who provides all of this information? Right now there’s Johathan Phillips, the founding father, and otherwise known from SmartWealthyRich and Jonathan-Phillips; Goldy from Goldy World; The Old Man (aka Allen Taylor) of World-Class-Poetry and ops manager for NameCritic, Inc.; and Dave Navarro of BetterFasterNow! Oh yeah, and me.

Jonathan’s looking for contributors and guest writers, so go over and take a look. All of the authors are looking for readers; another reason to go over to and take a look.