Light Up With Caterpillars Creations Soy Candles

What’s left after the candles burn out? Only their beautiful, lingering fragrance, if they’re the best soy candles from Caterpillars Creations.

It’s all in the wax — the soy wax, that is. Unlike paraffin-based candles, Caterpillars Creations Soy Candles are a cleaner-, cooler-, and longer-burning alternative that doesn’t leave black soot.

Chandler, Jennifer Sherman and her staff recently added the Roly Poly Soy Candle, a 22oz jar of long-lasting, aromatic pleasure. As well as being offered at the Caterpillars Creations website, the Roly Poly will be featured at country natural markets, gift stores, farmer’s markets and upscale gift stores.

Available in holiday themes, as well as for special occassions, some of the more popular soy candle choices include Apothecary Jars, Soy Votives, and Soy Tea Lights, all in dozens of colors and fragrances. Visit Caterpillars Creations and if you’re still not sure, order some free Scent Sniffies.

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