Age of Conversation And Community

Find a common thread connecting two or more people and you’ll find a community. And being part of a community is one of the most comfortable and more pleasurable parts of life. The simple fact that others understand what we’re about and what we’re doing makes our celebrations more joyous and those bumpy bits of life a little more level.

Need an example? Probably not, but I’m volunteering one anyway.

The Age of Conversation is a product of community involvement. You, no doubt, already know that. The project started out as a huge win for the 103 writers who added their talent and wisdom to benefit Variety, the Children’s Charity. Ok, so you already know that, too.

But here’s a bit of information that’s not been so widely publicized. The dedication to the Age of Conversation is purely an act of a community leveling one of life’s bumpy bits for one of its own.

While the book was still a dream, another dream ended. Sandra J. Kerley, mamma to CK of CKs Blog passed away suddenly in the end of March, at the age of 64. In response, the Age of Conversation has been lovingly dedicated to CK’s mom.

Yes, it was a beautiful gesture. The real beauty is that Sandra Kerley will always be part of our community and our conversation.