Change: Positive

This is a three-part article about change; how we resist and shun it, how we need and embrace it. It’s not going to be a series. Rather, an overview (at 100Bloggers), a philosophical look at it (right here), and how it affects us in the pocket (at ProductivityGoal).

One of the groups of people most resistant to change are those who suffer from anxiety. There’s always a “what if” involved and those questions can range from “what if it rains?” (even if the event is indoors) to “what if the dog breaks a leg?” (even if the dog belongs to someone else). Think I’m kidding? Then you don’t suffer from anxiety and, therefore, should adapt to change easier. But stick around anyway; you might have something to offer.

What keeps most of us from changing, regardless of anxiety, is those ever-present thought loops. While the negative thought loop comes unbidden, sometimes unnoticed, its effects are always the same: the same.

Negative Thought Loo

I can’t because It’s too hard / There’s too much to do because Life is tough because The universe isn’t safe because That’s what I believe because That’s what I am told to believe because I have to be told rather than just believe what I want because I can’t have what I want because I don’t deserve to have what I want because I’m not good enough because I haven’t earned it yet because – Anxiety Culture

Not so with the positive thought loop. The positive talk is a conscious decision and, since it’s noticed loud and clear, its effects are explosive, completely disintegrating the barriers of “what if” blocks.

Positive Thought Loo

Everyone deserves all that they desire because It’s unnecessary for anyone to have less than they desire because There’s an unlimited supply of all the desired things because The jasmin live universe is abundant enough to support the prosperity of all because The universe is safe and infinitely supportive because That’s what I have decided to believe because I can believe what I want to believe because I can do all the things I want because I deserve to do all the things I want because – Anxiety Culture

The ability to change is a resource worth cultivating. Better to leave behind the negative and start to explore the truth that says, “everyone deserves all that they desire”.

A Trip On The Streets

It’s good to be back. And what a long, strange trip it was and will continue to be. Exhiliarating, exhausting, enlightening.

Ok, so long story short, I went out to live on the streets to see what it’s like. God was with me; the worst thing that happened was a bit of a theft (um — perhaps the night I learned how to sleep in a laundromat). Otherwise, there was more good than harm.

There won’t be a diary of what I saw and experienced. There will, though, be an enrichment in what I can write to you. Frankly, I thought my writing was starting to border on the boring side; perhaps that’s how I saw it from some discontentment and that’s another livejasmin subject.

It’s been said that we cannot sit down to write if we’ve not stood up to live. Well, I took that to heart. Watching what’s happening in the safety of the living room TV shows pretty much of nothing.

That said — and it’s enough for now — I’ve missed all of you and the only other strange things I want to learn this year are the proper ways to handle firearms and how to milk a cow. After what I just did, it seems those two things are relatively harmless.

Try This: Just Say Hi

Probably some of the more basic and most effective of the social media are what we know as the dating services. In most of our communities, it’s a rarity to find the old church socials, the community picnics and bar-b-ques, any of those events where, once upon a time, people could count on meeting like people. In today’s web world, online dating services have taken their place and have become the introduction and meeting places for anyone 18 or older. It’s good to have the substutite and it’s better to have one with a great reputation.

JustSayHi specializes in free online dating. What’s that? You didn’t know there were any free dating services? You know now.

Yep, an essential part of our social media, JustSayHi has taken the personals into the realm of community with message boards, forums, polls, and surveys. It’s an active and alive partner working with its members to make sociability a lot more social.

Give JustSayHi a try; start your adventure in social media by finding a meaningful relationship. It’s really free, it’s really good, it could be exactly what you’re looking for. And it’s so easy to say Hi.

Let’s Start Talking About Social Media

Since adding paid reviews to Thoughts & Philosophies, I’ve had the vague feeling that something was missing. Try as I might to give a little personality to those posts, there was a limit. But we all know that there’s no such thing as limits. So, thoughts being thoughts and philosophies being philosophies, a great solution appeared: weaving.

What that means is, wherever possible, those paid reviews won’t be isolated anymore because they’ll be following a related, regular post; let’s see if that adds enough personal flavor.

That said, social media has been on my mind lately. It’s incredible what’s available to us; there are so many avenues, that none of us need feel isolated. It’s there to the left of us and there to the right of us and we’re stuck in the middle with each other. Not a bad place to be stuck, even though keeping up with everything can take a chunk of time out of every day.

But the time is irrelevant if it’s spent well. And that’s the question surrounding this writing. What, in your mind, makes social media time worthwhile? It’s not a quick-answer question. There are probably no answers that clearly apply to everyone. More than likely some of the answers are meaningless to some. That’s why it’s such a fascinating chaturbate topic.

So, let’s open this discussion. My thoughts are that we all need it; we’ve grown away from life in the self-sufficient villages of the past to being part of the grander world community and we need the wider inter-connection.

Yes, a paid review will be following shortly and, even if it doesn’t spark conversation, it’ll be an integral part of this topic and mix well with the thoughts we all already have about the subject.

And On The Second Day, They Made Pages

Ok now, what to do?, what to do? Here we go, this is how it’ll work. First we’ll deal with enthusiasm, excitement, and new. Then the carnival announcement. Just to keeps things easy to read (and write), there will be two posts almost back to back. Sounds like a plan to me.

Our friend, Joe Hauckes, and I got togther again this afternoon and, hey!, look over to your right to see what happened! Thoughts has Pages now! And Archives!

I’ll understand if this news isn’t something that makes your day, but it’s really exciting on this end. It feels like the difference between the kids’ table and the grown-ups table at a family dinner. Thoughts & Philosophies is growing up; where does the time go?

Joe worked through CrossLoop to create the Pages and, while I watched from my computer, he taught me enough that I can confidently do at least the rest of this round of tweaking. Probably.

Before I forget, why don’t you run over to Working at Home on the Internet? Joe wrote Why It’s More Important to Crosscheck Browsers than You Thought, in reference to yesterday’s fix and his point is one that you’ll probably find helpful.

I Got Lucky With A Link Love-In

Yep, that’s what I said and that’s what I meant. It was the number 163 that clinched it, but it was 137 that started it.

What’s she talking about? Do you remember about a month ago when I published 137 Parts To The Ultimate Guide to Productivity? That was the link love-in. One of those links when directly to EmpowerWomenNow and was entered into Ponn’s Online Women Entrepreneur Contest. At the end of the contest the random number picked was 163 (the clincher) and that number belonged to — definitely need a drum roll here — Thoughts & Philosophies and yours truly. It’s true! You can read all about it at Women Entrepreneur Powerful Networking Contest Winner…

Here’s a quick run-down of the fantastic prizes. A one-year membership to Home Based Working Moms – a Wealth Consultation with Marilyn August – an eBusiness consultation with Wendy Piersall – an autographed copy of John-Paul and Deborah Micek’s Secrets of Online Persuasion: Captivating the Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks of Thousands Using Blogs, Podcasts and Other New Media Marketing Tools with a three-month sub to Blogi360 – access to Ponn’s freelance or ghost writing services – a press release – and the opportunity to be part of EmpowerWomenNow’s Link-Exchange Directory.

Ok, so this post didn’t make the July 31 midnight deadline I set for myself; excitement won over writing. However, it looks like I’m in for one heck of an education and, as a happy consequence, you guys should be in for one heck of an improved Thoughts & Philosophies.